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Sandcastle uses Eco-Friendly Paints & Finishes

We care about the environment and your health – we use the most eco-friendly materials available. We use sustainable-sourced lumber and formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood – and never composite materials. Our finishes? We use water-based zero-VOC or low-VOC finishes (your choice). We build stuff: people & earth-friendly custom furniture.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec

Simply put, Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paints and finishes are the highest quality in the world. If you want the best color, coverage and durability, as well as purity, safety and eco-friendliness, Benjamin Moore Eco Spec is the only choice.


  • Unparalleled Color: 
    No one creates colors like Benjamin Moore. Why? Because it takes highly trained professionals to mix them. Tinted paints are factory made using the most advanced, environmentally-friendly pigments – a process too complex and delicate for mass retail production. The rich, deep pigments are imported from Europe and can be mixed into any shade you can imagine.
  • Extraordinary Durability: 
    Want something that lasts? Of course you do. Benjamin Moore Paints are so durable that they are even used for the yellow marking lines on railway platforms and to cover factory floors where fork lift trucks drive over them every day.
  • Incomparable Safety: 
    For decades Benjamin Moore Paints have been used successfully around the world by individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities, by asthmatics, and by the discerning public, as a solution to harmful traditional paints. The result has been multiple awards, industry accreditations and thousands of very satisfied customers.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandcastle for the past ten years. Their work is original, highly functional and of the best quality. When Sandcastle has been responsible for a merchant remodel, sales increases surely followed.

Maeve H. Rice

Specialty Leasing Manager, The Shops at The Prudential Center

They are a pleasure to work with and their work speaks for itself, you will get one of a kind custom furniture that you will want to keep forever.

Julia H.


I have worked with Sandcastle for over 11 years. Sandcastle has built all of the customized display pieces & fixtures in each of my three locations. In each project that I have contracted with Sandcastle I have seen an immediate impact on my business, including increased sales, & improved visual representation of the product

Nora Duclos

Owner, Head Games